My Top 5 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas

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Published: 19th January 2011
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Stuck for best friend birthday gift ideas? No idea what gift to get for your best friend? To make that birthday a truly happy birthday, here are my top 5 best friend birthday gift ideas.

5. A Letter
If, like me, you don't see your best friend that often. Write her a letter, a long newsy letter. It's so rare to get a letter nowadays, it really is a great gift from the heart. Maybe even writing what it is about your friendship that you value. When ever I write my best friend a letter, I always pop in a tea bag. So even though I can't be there for a good natter and a cup of tea, she can still read my letter with one!

4. The Gift that Keeps on Giving
A magazine subscription is a gift that'll last the whole year through, right until it's time to wish her happy birthday again. Pick one that she has an interest in. Fitness, cooking, health, gardening, fashion, the list is endless. Avoid weight loss magazine, she might feel you're trying to tell her something.

3. A Gift Basket
At number 3 on my top 5 Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas. Put together a selection of smaller gifts based on something she'd really like. For example if she likes Italian cooking, buy a pasta bowl and fill it with the finest pasta, olive oil, parmesan cheese and a good Italian cook book

2. A Calender or Diary
If you best friends birthday is near or around new year, buy here something for the coming year. To make it that bit extra special, make some notes in it, birthdays and reminders. Write a few memories in it. If you look online you can find photo calenders that you can edit with notes agaisnt each date. I did one for my friend last year and put all the kids holidays in, and all the birthdays I could think of. Including the family holiday we'd all planned together later in the year.

1. A Charm Bracelet
Make your best friends birthday gift special with that extra touch. If you buy her a charm bracelet, you can start off her collection with a 'best friend' charm. This also gives you future best friends birthday gift ideas, as you can add to her charm bracelet as years go by

Sophie Hogg is 40something and lives in the Highlands of Scotland with her husband and 2 children. Making happy birthdays is her passion and hobby. She's always loved making her friends and family's birthdays' special. Now she's decided to share this with the world at

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